Friday, May 3, 2013

How To Use This Site

How To Use This Site:
    1  Look for the Poster you wish to Copy, Print, or   
        Save.   You Can select it from the List on the Right 
        side of your Screen, or just pan down until you see
        it.  Items available here are:
            a  Full color Posters for the current or future Senior
                Citizens Revivals and events, that you can 
                Print from your computer and post copies at your
                church.  These are also Programs for the event,
                and can be given out to seniors to bring with
                them to the event.
            b  Directions to the location of the event you are
                interested in.  
            c  Information about Senior Ministries, and ideas
                about how to get involved. 
            d  Instructions for Ministry Staff, Pastors, and 
                Senior Ministry Planners.
    2  You can click or double click a document to zoom
        in, Copy, Down Load, Save to a document file in your
        computer, or print off copies in full color, if your
        printer has color, as almost all printers do now.  
    3  Most Documents, Maps, Images, Photos, and Posters 
        are usually in jpg Format     

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